Junior developer, hacker, visionary (Athens)

Athens, Attiki, Greece


Who we are

Covve is a Cypriot/Greek startup that’s revolutionising the way people manage their contacts network and professional relationships. Our team is 14 people strong and backed by San Francisco investors, the National Bank of Greece and private investors. With users in 130 countries, multiple patents and the most advanced offering in the market, 2019 is the year we go mainstream and grow like there’s no tomorrow!

Our engineering team is exceptional and our tech stack is cutting edge. Forget business as usual - How about Ionic 4, Angular, microServices, RxJS, Linux, Azure, devops, Docker, Elastic and weekly releases to name a few.

If you are highly ambitious, highly driven and want to be part of a world class engineering team, Covve may be for you.

To find out more about us check out our OpenCoffee presentation

The role

We’re looking for an ambitious, talented, hardworking and fun teammate to join our engineering team in Athens. You’ll bring your passion for software engineering, an endless appetite to learn, solid engineering foundations and a “can-do” attitude. You’ll be immersed in some of the most exciting technologies and will quickly become an indispensable part of our team. As part of the engineering team you will be working closely with our CTO, QA and design. You will quickly become the owner of discrete and important parts of our product.


Athens (Greece)


What you'll bring

Whoever joins our team is here for the long run. As such we invest a lot of effort in finding the best match, which means you are guaranteed to find professional, motivated, self-driven individuals, great team-players, sharp problem solvers who feel great pride and ownership on what they create. From your side you’ll bring:

  • Ownership, pride and passion in everything you do.
  • A self-driven, problem solving and innovative attitude.
  • A desire to constantly learn and constantly improve. New technologies is our business as usual.
  • Creativity and outside the box thinking.
  • Team player goes without saying.
  • Solid foundations in software engineering (from data structures and algorithms to complexity to object oriented design).
  • Confident in at least one programming language.
  • Intimacy with all things computer. Tinkering with software, trying new things, troubleshooting, hacking and generally being a master of your PC/Mac/Linux.
  • A love for technology that goes beyond your studies/work. For example, pet projects, GitHub contributions, Arduino experiments, involvement in the engineering community and personal websites are all great indications.

  • What, no job description?

    Indeed! At Covve we don’t hire people for specific jobs. We hire exceptional engineers who, in due course, will be able to take on any challenge and master any technology. You may find yourself in our cutting edge cross-platform app team (working with Ionic4 and Angular); or part of our .Net/node microservices backend; or focusing on go to market activities such as the snake game or Alexa integration. Or, most likely… many of these over the course of the first year.


    We go to great lengths to create an exceptional environment for exceptional people. We aim to attract the very best and keep you excited, productive and challenged! Specifically:

  • The opportunity to be part of a business that can be huge on a global scale. We’re aiming very very high.
  • A place where your opinion counts, everything is up for discussion, there are no bad ideas and we’re willing to get creative and take risks. Everyone has a say in the product. “It’s not my job” is not part of our culture.
  • Working in a team that is small but exceptional, with each person having a major impact on the end product and our customers. What you do will matter.
  • We use some of the latest technologies, have lodged multiple patents and have innovation at the heart of what we do.
  • We do things properly. We take continuous integration and testing seriously, we use data to make decisions and follow best practices. We often blog about how we do things (https://inside.covve.com).
  • We invest in you as you are here for the long run: sponsored conferences abroad, pet project days, and a personal learning budget.
  • We also go to lengths to make sure our people are happy, healthy and creative: office Pilates (optional), excellent health insurance, office fruit and excellent espresso
  • We know that each person performs best in different circumstances. As such, we are flexible to make sure you can perform to the best of your ability. Among other things this means flexible working hours to let you balance work, life, family and fun.
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